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the art of using straw

the art of using straw






It seems Lady Gaga can only impress small-towners with her boring show (Hello there! Suburban soccer moms!). But every time she performs in a big city (such as NY and Chicago), the reviews she gets…

This Is How We Do (Radio Version)
Katy Perry


KPL Exclusive: Katy Perry - This Is How We Do (Radio Mix)

Salute vs. Bo$$ (Mashup)
Little Mix & Fifth Harmony


Salute vs. BO$$ (Mashup) - Little Mix & Fifth Harmony

BO$$ (Radio Edit)
Fifth Harmony

BO$$ (Radio Edit) - Fifth Harmony

On the Today show the performed a version of BO$$ that goes “You know you better show me some respect.” well, here is the studio version of that.

Someone has to make this LOL

When someone says he’s a top

Bitches be like…

I saw a really good looking cashier, and I don't know how to tell him I like him. I don't want to embarrass him, and I don't know if he's gay... What should I do?


If you’re too afraid to talk to someone, just sit at home and masturbate. It’s not hard. What have you got to lose. Asking someone if they’re gay or they want to hang out will only be embarrassing to him if he’s homophobic or small minded. I try to look at every new face I meet as a potential new boyfriend or friend and anyone who doesn’t do the same is bound to miss out on some shit. What’s the worst he can say? No? 


p.s. actually the worst thing he could say is “attention shoppers can I get a price check on aisle faggot, please?”

How did you learn to do you makeup? Who taught you?


Helen Keller.


Willam. I am a gay teen struggling with my life right now, I only trust my friends because they are the ones that acepted me. My parents are skeptical about gays and said reacting to the pride parade in Toronto "as long as a gay is not my kid." I am terribly affraid of how they will react to my coming out. I just want some advice on how I should come out, when I should come out, or how you came put as a example. Love you, Alex


I didn’t come out, Alex. My parents were both one of five kids and each had at least one gay sibling up in their fam (my dad had two). I would weigh your options. Will your life be hell for the rest of the time you’re there? Will you be denied opportunities that would otherwise be granted? Sometimes no support can be a great kick in the ass to be more independent but other times people falter and that’s when you hear about the young adults that sometimes make you go “how did it come to that on the streets?”

Either way, your parents are the ones that made you in most cases so if they don’t understand genetics, they just don’t understand. Can’t fix stupid. You can teach Stupid things and Stupid can learn to grasp concepts but they may never understand. 

So have a great life in spite of (or hopefully with ) your fam. But don’t ever be dishonest to yourself. 


p.s. Get a really good body and rely on it. When all else fails, you can always make money stripping. F’real. It’s an option and a damn easy one. Especially in Montreal with all them dick bars.